Done in the Jungle

We just wrapped The Jungle Book, our final major production of the year. This one was a doozy: there were over fifty actors in it, grades 1-11, and a complex set of sound and light cues… plus about a thousand hand-made costumes. Our last show of the year, the Lower School Musical, is always huge and has the largest staff. We had three adult faculty on the show, along with several helpers and over a dozen tech students. It was a huge company.

I was especially proud of the job the tech crew did, since -as always- they came in late and made do with far too few rehearsals. They made the show look fantastic.

I was also very happy with the scenery, most of which we rented from Grosh Backdrops and Drapery, a great company to work with. They have over 1,500 drops for rent and they’re all browsable on the company’s website. Once you pick one, they ship it to you quick and they look beautiful. Check out the photos of The Jungle Book in the gallery to see for yourself.

Now we just cleanup, maintain, rebuild and plan for next year. 🙂.